Layers WP Child Themes

Are you looking for Layers WP Child Themes? Then welcome to a breath taking new world of WordPress site builder. It is very easy to use and it is open source, means free forever.

Best Selling Product Mockups

Responsive Screen Mockup Pack This is amazing mock up bundle. This pack have 40 unique device mockups including smart phones, iPads, and other popular mac visuals. One screen shot cover multiple angles. PSD is available which is properly layered. The design is clean and have high resolution

Create Construction Company Profile Cover Page Design

Let’s share today, how we can Create Construction Company Profile Cover Page Design in Adobe Photoshop with simple steps. This is very easy tutorial just for beginners but covers worthy information. Step 1: Create Construction Company Profile Cover Page Design Create a new file in Adobe Photoshop

Designing Giant Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Join Hands

Designing Giant Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft join their efforts to achieve better customer experience across all their touch points. In the Adobe’s Annual European Digital Marketing Conference, at Adobe Summit in London, Adobe and Microsoft declared a strategic partnership that will work for their marketing, sales

DXTR Illustrator Character Design, Focused at Designing Mall

The Weird is not a new to the Illustration lovers around the globe. Character Design with extra ordinary abstraction appeal is the area of working by DXTR. The Weird is a perfect place for the artist like DXTR. He has ability to make simple things more creative

Fresh WP Technology Themes

It is hard to find Fresh WP Technology Themes with quality. WordPress Themes has always been in demand due to ease of use and plug-in support. Consequently the wp technology themes are area of concern in this post. Here is a fresh collection of themes. Hope you

Infographic Tools for Creating Amazing Stuff Quickly

Infographic Tools should be bookmarked and source providing them as well. There are various online tools that have made their creation easy and any person having clear point of view with simple computer knowledge can create them easily. There are various advantages of creating infographics and some

Some Fresh and Unusual Fonts for Versatile Creativity

Fresh and Unusual Fonts are always an item, you always keep looking for. Fonts are very basic written look and feel of any designing work, weather you are working for web or print. In some projects elegant and easy to read fonts get priority while in some

Best Selling Tumblr Business Themes for Your Company

Tumblr Business Themes ads massive value to your new startup. Tumblr has 224 million blogs, 104.2 billion post and consumes only 30 seconds to join. It is a great platform for business community. Tumblr

Understanding The Role Of Wireframing During Website Creation

Wireframing during website creation is vital because visually outstanding and fully-functional website can't be achieved overnight

Breno Logo Designing In Focus at Designing Mall

Logo Designing is not an easy task. They can be seen everywhere around us, which give an instant reminder of a specific company or some great/bad product. Logo Designing gets significance due to a massive factor for recognition.

Best Selling Database Abstractions for Developers

Database abstractions unify the communication between an application and database such as SQL Server etc. Today we bring a collection of PHP Scripts for Database Abstractions

Fresh and Elegant Jekyll Themes

Jekyll is "a simple, blog aware, static site generator". Jekyll static site generator, is minimalistic in nature with great efficiency level. Jekyll is in its initial days, which is a parsing engine created as a ruby gem capable to create static websites from dynamic components such as

Online Tools for HTML5, Infographics, Animation and other Assignments

Online Tools for HTML5, online tools for infographics, online tools for animations or any other ones, are always handy to have. Such tools even include not only HTML5 & CSS3, but Presentations, Infographics, Banner Ads and many more.

Essentials of UX and UI each bit and byte

Let's take a look on essentials of UX and UI today. User Experience, UX is physically nothing, just some feelings or experience a user can have during while visiting your website
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