Take a deep look at CorelDraw Vs Adobe Illustrator. In this Article I have discussed about the working areas of CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator to give a insight functionality of both softwares. so users can select “Right Tool” for to create effective designs in less time.


Corel is versatile graphic design software which is used for vector illustration, page layout, photo editing, tracing, Web graphics and animation. This software is designed for professional and aspiring designers as well; it offers a speedy, instinctive workflow, high-value digital content, market-leading file compatibility and graphic design tools that let you do more than your imaginations. Its latest version is “CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5”

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is another graphic tool, widely used by professionals all over the world. Adobe Illustrator gives accuracy and accompany by stylish tools, communicative natural brushes and integration with Adobe CS Live online services. The latest available version is “Adobe® Illustrator® CS5”

Many designers and illustrators ask about the difference between both of these software’s, which is very hard to talk about. First of all let’s look some universal truths

  • Neither one emerges as the absolute market winner
  • Use is depends on your requirements, features, nature of art work, required look and feel
  • It is very hard to change “Brand Loyalty”
  • It looks always easy “the first thing” you learn, (as, I learn CorelDraw first, so always feel at home with CorelDraw)

Now let’s have some comparison. So you can decide according to your mental filters and required parameters.

Adobe’s CS5 suite targets the business graphics market

Adobe offers four kinds of editions of its graphic suite, each one offering graphic solutions for a specific industry:

  • Design Premium: for print, mobile, and interactive workflow
  • Production Premium: for video production
  • Web Premium: for website design
  • Master Collection: contains all of the tools found in the other three editions

Corel X5 suite accommodates to the professional market as well, but it also offers tutorials, tips, and templates for amateurs. Its latest suite also includes more file formats and better color control than previous versions.

Many garments designers prefer CorelDraw to Adobe, but Adobe Photoshop has trounced Corel’s Photo-Paint in the raster graphics category (more due to its ongoing popularity than the actual features).

CorelDraw also has a loyal following from when it dominated the vector-graphics market, even though Adobe currently has cornered a bigger share of the market.

For the non-professional, both Adobe and Corel offer pared down versions of their biggest products for amateur photo editors: Corel PaintShop Photo Professional and Adobe Photoshop elements.