Let’s share today, how we can Create Construction Company Profile Cover Page Design in Adobe Photoshop with simple steps. This is very easy tutorial just for beginners but covers worthy information.

Step 1: Create Construction Company Profile Cover Page Design

Create a new file in Adobe Photoshop with the following parameters. Ctrl + N (windows) is used to create a new file. We have selected width 9 inches and height 11.5 inches. This document will result in a document of size 8.5 inches by 11 inches. 0.5 inch is used as bleed on four sides. 0.25 top and bottom, similarly 0.25 for left and right. We have shown the selected Resolution 300 px/inch. While in attached file it is 72 px/inch, just to save the space and quick delivery of source file. Remember for printing standards resolution should be 300, as shown in screenshot below.

construction company profile cover page design step1

Step 2

In this step, we will apply Guides / guidelines, two vertical and two horizontal. In "View" menu, we can find "New Guide". Here we will select the required orientation, then give the distance accordingly. 0.25 and 11.25 Horizontal, while 0.25 and 8.75 for vertical orientation.

adobe photoshop guidelines

This will define the bleed area around your art work. Bleed area is just a kind of margin, protect design element or content from cutting. Disconnection in color or design does not appear.

bleed area and guidelines

Step 3

In this step, we will add a construction related image or part of the image. We adjust on the top-center of the page. Courtesy freeimages.com to provide such a nice image. you can select your own.  The link of used image is http://www.freeimages.com/browse.phtml?f=download&id=1132003

We have used a part of the image.

construction image from freeimages.com

Step 4

We can add Yellow [CMYK : 3:10:100:0] and Blue [CMYK: 92:52:35:12] colors as backgrounds. Yello may serve as main tagline.

background colors

Write text and select color accordingly.

add text

Use text tool (T) to add more text, we have used Lato font mainly in the document. After simple heading text "Welcome to CWC", we have used sample text from "Type menu" , Paste Lorem Ipsum.

We have placed a sample logo of Countrywide Construction Company, courtesy our previous post about construction company logo.

Just write the contact number and URL or if any other information is there, you will get the final result like this

Create Construction Company Profile Cover Page Design

Download the PSD file

Here is Adobe Photoshop Source File to download.