Lets learn to export layer comps to PDF file in Adobe Photoshop. You may know a bit about using the layer comps in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop allows you to save multiple compositions inside a single Photoshop documents. In this way you can have multiple designs in one file. Comps in Adobe Photoshop means the last and final sample design “a draft page composition” that you are going to send back to client for approval, before creating the final app or web site. Comp is also referred as comprehensive layout and composite, means all the design having multiple variation of the design.

Get PSD file to start

To understand easily the concept of exporting layer comps to PDF in Photoshop, we have created a Comp in Adobe Photoshop File. You can download it. Here you will find two compositions. One is simple home page, while let the second will be there, when a user will click on any thumbnail in “Portfolio” section, a bigger image, or a video introduction of that specific client will in specific frame or box.

Layer Comp

The layer group, having the layers that will appear after click, is named “portfolio-click”. You can find that in PSD file. Go to “Window” menu and click “Layer Comp” option.

export layer comps to pdf

According to Adobe style, you can find “New Layer Comp” button will be in the bottom right. Select and name it, “normal-web”, for the normal state of your web page, you may call it, state 1.

export video to pdf option

By default, Layer visibility is the main factor while creating this layer comp, that may be “Layer Position” or “Appearance”: layer style and you can use both as well, to make it more complex.

For state 2, when a user will click on the thumbnail in the portfolio section, then the layer group “portfolio-click” will come into play. Enable the visibility of this group and create a new layer comp, “client-intro”.

Export video comps to pdf

Export Layer Comps to PDF

export video to pdf

Now come to the point, to export layer comp to PDF. Go to File menu and choose option “Scripts”. There you will find “Layer Comps to PDF”. Then in a dialog box, you can specify the path to put the PDF file.

more options to export video to pdf adobe photoshop

There you can find some further very handy options. You can set the time, say two seconds, for the comps to execute like a slide show. But most of the time let the client to move with his own pace, leave as it is. Here you have created a PDF, deliver to client and get approval.