In this tutorial you will create Graffiti Effect through a Simple Photoshop Tutorial. In this Beginner Level Tutorial we will use Perspective and Blur Filter.

Step 1

Select a suitable picture for this tutorial. You can find the best resources from Designing Mall post

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Or you can search Google Images to choose a picture.

Designing Mall - Graffiti Effect

Step 2

Put your logo (Designing Mall) on the top. Be sure Logo Layer should be “Rasterize Type”.

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

Step 3

Press Ctrl+T / Edit Menu > Transform > Perspective, to give suitable perspective, according to you wall. You can press Ctrl Key while dragging and give suitable perspective to Logo.

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

In this step adjustment is important because it should look real alignment according to wall. This result may be like this

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

Step 4

In this step, change blending mode of the layer of logo/text to “overlay”.

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

The result will be like this

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

Step 5

Create a copy of this layer and place under the original one. Apply Guassian Blur Effect on it. Filter Menu > Blur > Gussian Blur with the value of 4 pixels.

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

This will be the final Result.

Designing Mall Graffiti Effect

Please note, in this tutorial I intentionally used the bright type of wall (like lower part of used image) to give more faded look. You can use more blackish wall (like upper part) image to get clearer logo/text writing. Broken type of wall can give better results. Second thing, Designing Mall’s Logo has blue and Red colors with glassy effect. If you use text with black color then Graffiti Effect will be more enhanced.
Have a good practice.