Halloween day brings immense scary feelings and relevant social activities every year. This is a beginner level professional tutorial, provides some techniques for working in Photoshop and online resources. The source file is also available for download.

There are countless online resources already shared by Designing Mall, like

Halloween Photoshop Brushes with Installation Instructions, you can use appropriate one during your design work.. But the second real challenge is to have the output of your creative work. The ultimate thing you need is a quality printing in quick time. So let’s do first step first.

In this tutorial we have used old Page, Halloween Image and Retro Web Ribbons. Photoshop CS6 has been used to create this Vintage Halloween Poster. Posters come in different sizes, you can use accordingly.

Step 1:

Create a new file with A4 size and resolution 300 pixels. (In the download file, I have used 72 to reduce the file size). You can use any other size according to requirements.

Vintage Halloween Poster

Step 2:

Download the old page and adjust accordingly. Give the name “old page” to this layer.

Vintage Halloween Poster

Step 3:

Create a new layer on top of the old page layer. (To create a new layer press: Ctrl + Shift + N). By using the rectangular marquee tool (M), draw some vertical lines and fill them with suitable colors. Here use gradient fill and change the angle to give suitable effect.

Vintage Halloween Poster

Right Click on this new layer and choose "Convert to Smart Object". Select Edit, Transform and Then Wrap, by using handles create a ray, wider from the top and narrower from the bottom.

Vintage Halloween Poster

Flip and Adjust it to have a shape like below. Set the Blending Mode for this Layer to "Multiply".

Vintage Halloween Poster

Step 4: Write Halloween!

Write text say “Halloween” by using “Hawaiian Punk” Font. There may be any text or font. I have used dull font color to give it vintage look (CMYK = 20, 17, 22, 0). Give a suitable "Drop Shadow" Layer Style Effect. Set the Blending Mode for this Layer to "Multiply".

Vintage Halloween Poster

Step 5:

Download and place the Halloween Image. Set the Blending Mode for this Layer to "Darken".

Vintage Halloween Poster

Step 6:

Add bottom boarder with suitable height and write required text.

Vintage Halloween Poster

Step 7:

Last but not least, download and add "Pink Ribbon Label". Give suitable drop shadow effect. Vintage Halloween Poster is ready.

Vintage Halloween Poster

Download the Source File