Design Brief is an essential written document which facilitates the Client’s Company and designer to successfully complete the project. In this post we will share the elements of Design Brief so you can draft and can get results. The definition and benefits will guide you in-depth to write this organized document. A good Design Brief means a good design project, good execution and the best results.

What is Design Brief?

Systematically written document bridging client or company to designer and containing each bit and bite of design project is called Design Brief.

How to Write a Design Brief? – Designing Mall


  • Design Brief develops a trust and understanding between the client and designer.
  • Design Brief provide a common grounds of thinking as I said in definition, it provides a bridging information
  • It conveys the client’s essential information to designer, which may influence the entire thinking of designer or even execution patron of the project.

How to Write a Design Brief? – Designing Mall

  • Writing a Design Brief ensures that all the important design issues are kept in view and are shared with each other.
  • Design Brief bounds the workers, designers and other personnel to a specific time span.
  • Design Brief provides a guiding force. (At least I keep myself on track)

Major Elements of Design Brief

There is not a hard and fast rule to list down the elements or major components of Design Brief but we are listing some elements. In fact these elements may vary organization to organization or project to project. Let’s discuss major ones.

About the Company

It is not necessary that designer has all the necessary information about the company. Inform designer about the company, company history, its products and services, industry sector, establishing year, human resource strength and vales.

How to Write a Design Brief? – Designing Mall


An effectively good design can really play a vital rule in the success of a company.

How to Write a Design Brief? – Designing Mall

So to achieve this effectiveness in design we have to state clear and distinct objectives. What we want: increase the sale, image building, generate loyal customers or promote unique selling proposition.

Target Market

Clearly identify company’s target market. So the outcome of designing project should be more focused and customer oriented accordingly.  Provide demographic information of your target market like age, sex, area, income group, major occupation or even life style information

Available Financial Resources

This is simply the budget. How much you have in your pocket to execute this project. In this way the designer may adjust his/her resources accordingly.

How to Write a Design Brief? – Designing Mall

Even designers may plan the equipments and software which he/she is going to use in specific project. A web page can be created in MS Word, by using save as web page, it can also be created by using advanced software and complex coding.

Time Frame

When first mock should ready? When the project should complete? What is the breakup of total available or agreed time span?

Trade Marks and Corporate Colors

All of these are very important. Some time a company develops a particular style over the years and it becomes its identity. A new designer should be well informed. Specific imagery or text with specific colors all this information should be communicated


Design Brief is a significant document and frequently used in engineering industry. We can adopt this idea in other designing projects to get better results and more organized work flow. Designing Mall recommends that you should use Design Brief with alterations according to your project or nature of the job in hand. Different sources give different element list, pick which are more appropriate for your project. Have a smooth working.