In this post, we are going to share top 5 WP plugins to handle UX of your site. The user experience that your website is delivering is an indispensable deciding factor  while analyzing your website success. For this reason the web usability enthusiasts are seeking methods to enhance the usability of their website and make it more valuable for their target audiences.

Over 23% of the Internet is powered by the WordPress platform, this clearly shows how popular this platform is across the globe. There are several blissful features that add to its credibility. I love this platform, as it helps create websites that offer a great UX. All thanks to its incredibly useful plugins.

Whether you want to improve your site loading time, or optimize it for search, there are a whopping number of plugins available in the WP repository, you can easily seek one to proficiently integrate a desired functionality on your site.

In this post, I will uncover a few of the highly useful plugins that can augment the performance of your website. Let’s have a glance into the plugins that help deliver an outstanding performance and excellent UX.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Some of you might wonder how optimizing a site for search engines, can boost the UX of a site.

By making your site search engine optimized, you can increase your visibility on the web, and certainly drive a greater traffic. The SEO is basically done by optimizing the content quality, so that search engine bots can easily crawl and index the site accordingly; and, a better content will ultimately improve the readers’ experience.

SEO Yoast

There are numerous plugins that offer a great SEO, WordPress SEO is one among them. It not only helps create better content, but also encourages you to write keyword-rich content. You can even use its permalinks, add RSS feeds, insert breadcrumbs, etc., to efficiently enhance the usability of your site. It, thus, goes an extra mile to boost the UX of your site. Although this plugin is available free, you can reap the benefits of its advanced features by upgrading to its premium version.

2. SearchWP : WP Plugins to Handle UX

If your users are not able to search a requisite info on your site, your site is barely any use. Thus, a search field is paramount to deliver a good UX. Luckily, you can integrate a prolific search functionality on your WP site by using a plugin like SearchWP. Once you will download and install this plugin, it will overwrite the default search and deliver a better UX.


This advanced search is capable of determining a variety of media on a website. You can configure it to search a specific media type like audio, video, etc., or on the basis of certain criteria such as custom fields, taxonomies, and so forth. You can also implement hooks or extensions to further refine the search feature. It is a premium plugin that comes with three different licenses, including single license, business license and developer license.

3. W3 Total Cache

The page loading time is yet another crucial aspect that must be optimized to ensure a stunning UX. In fact, the majority of users are often more concerned about the time that a site takes to launch. A slow loading website experiences a high bounce rate for obvious reasons. Thus, if your website is not quickly delivering the user-intended web page, you are certainly going to lose a significant amount of business. Moreover, search engines like Google also consider the page loading speed while ranking a site.

w3 total cache

Therefore, in order to attain users’ satisfaction, you must optimize your site loading speed and entice your users by aesthetically and efficiently displaying the content on their screens. This can be accomplished with a great efficacy by using a plugin like W3 Total Cache. It amazingly expedites the web page loading and allows you to tailor its features in a desired manner to generate a surefire UX. It is absolutely free to use and enhance UX by revving up the server performance, abridging the download time, and facilitating CDN integration.

4. Breadcrumb NavXT

A proper navigation path is imperative to allow your users to access the web content with a breeze. Thus, it is better to make it certain that your users can easily browse and seek the requisite content. This will eventually add to the overall user experience.

breadcrumb navxt

Luckily, you can manage the navigation path of your WP site with the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin. It creates location-based breadcrumb trails that can be tailored as required. With easy setting options through Adminstrative interface, and direct access to the class (that expert developers and pro users often demand) make this plugin easily customizable.

5. Use Google Libraries

WordPress includes a slew of resourceful JavaScript libraries and components. Since, using a site’s library can curtail the loading speed, it would be worth to include a powerful plugin that includes most of the useful JavaScript libraries.

use google libraries

Fortunately, the Use Google Libraries is a wonderful plugin that offers the majority of JavaScript libraries, including Dojo, Prototype, jQuery UI and jQuery, etc., by providing an easy access to Google’s AJAX libraries CDN.

There is a plethora of plugins in the WordPress repository and the aforementioned are a few of the best among them. Get the suitable one installed on your site and allow your site to deliver a superlative performance with an impressive UX.

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Juana Steves is a software application developer working at Xicom Technologies – software development company. She provides useful information about Java, PHP, WordPress, Software Development & Mobile Development. Join her on Twitter to get the latest updates

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Top 5 WP Plugins to Handle UX of Your Site
Juana Steves is a software application developer working at Xicom Technologies – software development company. She provides useful information about Java, PHP, WordPress, Software Development & Mobile Development. Join her on Twitter to get the latest updates