Plugins for Managing Files in WordPress are important because, in the era of a paperless office, we need an excellent document management system to accomplish the business objectives quickly and efficiently. Managing documents and files has become one of important task for a business. Therefore, it is necessary to discover the top plugins for managing the files and documents.

Luckily, WordPress offers the great range of document management plugins that can help you manage files and documents in WordPress.

In this blog, we will review the top document management plugins available in WordPress:

1. WP-DownloadManager

It is one of the robust WordPress plugins that adds an easy download manager to your WordPress blog or website. This plugin includes all the necessary features that can help you manage your file downloads like password protections on download, capability, detailed downloader log, packed download, etc.

WP Download Manager

2. WP-Filebase

WP-Filebase is a vigorous file manager WordPress plugin. It keeps file structured in categories, thumbnails. It also provides a template system to make sortable and paginated file lists. A plugin is made for easy management of any file and consistent output by using templates.

WP File Base

3. WP Document Revisions

It is a document management and version control WP plugin. The WP Document Revisions is created for time-sensitive and mission-critical projects. In fact, the teams can jointly edit files of various formats, including text documents, images, spreadsheets, music, etc. A plugin is also used to track the document’s progress as it pushes from your organization’s workflow.

WP Document Revisions

4. Group File Access WordPress Plugin

Group File Access is the most powerful WordPress plugin that enables to provide file download links for certified users. Moreover, access to files is limited to users by their group membership.

File access wordpress plugin

With this plugin, you can offer file downloads for premium members. You can also allow only the registered users to download the files from your website.
You can also create a group and add the selected users to the group, if you want to restrict the access to a file to web users that are from the certain group.
To an addition, it also supports short codes on posts or pages to render links to files by providing necessary information about files.

5. WordPress File Centre

This plugin converts a WordPress site into a file manager. It gives the flexibility to use the WP admin panel to add users and file. Moreover, it manages and deletes them very smoothly. WordPress File Centre allows you to give your clients and users simple access to view some files, by disallowing others by adding robust login details.

WP File Center

6. WordPress Download Monitor

Download monitor is a great WordPress plugin, used for uploading and managing downloads, tracking download hits and presenting links.

WP Download Monitor

7. Client Document Monitoring

Client Document Monitoring is one of the powerful WordPress plugins that can help you in managing documents. With this, you can quickly create users as compared to WordPress default user system. It allows you to upload documents and can assign to multiple users. In fact, users can simply login and download or see their document.

Client Document Monitoring


In this post, we have discussed the top seven plugins that you can use for managing your files and database in WordPress. All these mentioned managing file plugins play a significant role in managing different formats of files and documents. Therefore, many WP owners are using the best features of the plugin that can meet their business needs.

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