QR Code, Take some time out from your hectic work schedule and try looking at the deformed bar codes which are frequently found at the back of magazines, materials which are printed and various kinds of catalogs.
Though people have been seeing this time and again during shopping or purchasing of books and other products, they have not really bothered finding out what these distorted bar codes actually stands for.

This distorted bar code better known as the QR code or Quick response code is a bar code which is by nature two dimensional which can be easily read through by scanners specially designed for bar codes. These contain numerous in formations like URLs, different data’s and text, which cannot be read by the lay man. QR codes are in great vogue nowadays specially in the countries like USA and UK. Initially they were used in the entertainment as well s the civil service industry but nowadays it has also gained acclamation in the web designing industry. QR code is a grand way to endorse ones website in today’s world.

What is QR code?


Quick response code which has been designed by Densu Wave, has a huge amount of storage capacity and also rapid readability which when measured up to the normal barcodes are scanned by the use of an application which guides visitors to a web page or a video usually used in the smart phones. The basic advantage of this code is that it can store huge amount of data and records which helps it to become a favorite with businessman.

How can you link QR codes to digital content?


When a QR code is read by the help of smart phones, it can help you to connect to the web content and also aid in activating numerous functions in the phone which also include mails and text messaging service. It can link you to almost anything starting from videos, special offers and discounts etc.

Development in visual design

Though the code looks a bit complex, it can be controlled in various ways. QR codes are designed in such a way that the moment it is placed under scanner, it will be readable. A part of the code can also be redesigned with images and pictures. This has helped he designers to design the codes in their own special ways so that it has an exclusive appeal.

Popularity of the code

QR codes are now being used in advertisements and posters, business cards and billboards as well.


Ways to use QR codes as web design tools.

There are plenty of ways in which one can use QR codes as a web design tool. They have numerous applications when it comes to designing a website online. Let us see how it helps in the same:


  1. It can help in being a link to you website
  2. A QR code can help in being a link to your website. The code can be printed so that people do not have to go through various research processes before finding you website. The code can be a direct link to your website and also as well a great help to prospective clients who will help to earn revenue for your website.

  3. Saving your telephone numbers
  4. You can save your telephone number, contact email address and other details in the form of the QR code instead of saving it as an URL.This will help people to contact you easily. Since QR codes can store huge amount of records you can store as much information as you want here.

  5. Link to videos and social networking sites
  6. A QR code is also a good access to social networking sites such as face book, twitter and orkut. Also the code can be used to directly lead you to any kind of live streaming site through your phone as well like you tube and other videos.

  7. Linking you to the Google map
  8. DM_QR

    QR code also helps you to link to the Google map. Instead of searching and typing for the URL the code will automatically guide you to the website where you would like to visit.

  9. Helps to store text as well
  10. A QR code helps to store large amount of plain text if required. It also helps to consume less amount of space in the websites.

  11. Stores SMS message
  12. Last but not the least it helps in storage of messages

These are the varied ways in which the QR code can be used as a website designing tools when used online. Apart from these it can be used for the purpose of business and marketing as well and has gained population in all industrial fields.

About the Author:

The above article is composed and edited by Mrs Peterson. She is associated with many technology and designing communities as their freelance writer and editor. In her free time she writes articles related to web designing, qr code tutorial, Qr Code Design, etc.